Yeossal Shoes Price Hike + August Discount

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In light of the rising costs of everything, Yeossal has recently instituted a price hike on its footwear collection. I have been predicting this and they won’t be the only ones. I think that a lot of brands are holding out as long as they can before doing this as it is a scary thing to raise your prices, hoping that your clients won’t leave you. But, the reality is that everything is getting more expensive, especially the components to make the shoes. So, Yeossal did what they had to do and increased their pricing on their handwelted collection.

To soften the blow on the Yeossal shoes price hike, they are offering a discount code through the rest of the month of August on their hand welted shoes. The code is SAVE80, which saves you $80 SGD (circa $60 USD). So if you have been eyeballing some of Yeossal’s hand welted shoes, now is your chance to grab a pair before the new prices take full effect and there is no code to lower them.

Yeossal has an impressive collection full of cool models and a lot of options to make them in. Remember, their hand welted collection is a template of MTO offerings. What you see is just a template of what can be made and what can be made starts as a figment of your imagination and ends with that pair becoming real.

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The Details

When: Through August 31st, 2023
How: code SAVE80

See the unboxing video of a few pairs of Yeossal’s hand welted footwear that they recently sent me. Here you can hear about their quality, the finishing, and the value that their hand welted shoes present!

***Yeossal is a sponsor of the The Shoe Snob Blog and this can be considered a sponsored post***

Yeossal Shoes Price Hike
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