Weekly Tarot (June 6th to 12th June): Here’s the career outlook for Pisces, Gemini, and Leo

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A career horoscope is envisioned to lead the people on an accurate career path by analysing the key characteristics that stand parallel with their star sign. Roles and responsibilities in a career that are backed by your astral persuasions not only aid in determining the best career path but also manifest your skills in the workplace while leading to a successful future. Jeevika Sharma, our tarot card reader, is here to help you get through this week. Check out your career horoscope to see what the stars have to say about your future.


You may face some issues in your professional. It could be a never-ending argument or disagreement with workmates on a particular matter.



This week you would be busy working on things that you had left earlier. It could be completing pending office work or the start off with something new professionally.


This week you may not be able to give much time to your professional life due to some personal engagements. Also, professional life would pick up after a week.


This week you are likely to get good work opportunities, this could be good for your career and would bring you good financial growth.

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This week you could face tensions at your workplace due to stress or issues in your personal life. Make sure you keep two separate and focus more on professional life.


This week would be smooth for you. Nothing new major changes could be seen. It would be a balanced week.


This week you could be tensed about your financial growth. Financial growth is seen to be a little delayed. But make sure you keep looking for other ways to increase your finances.



This week you would be planning on your professional growth. You would be using this week only t plan out things. Things would benefit you financially in long term, make sure you stick to the plan.


You may see drastic growth in your professional life. You may plan to start a new business which would go well if done rightly.


This week there would not be any stress at the workplace. Things may move at a slow pace but would go well.



This week you would be looking for new work opportunities. Professionally things would be a little better. Make sure you grab the opportunities offered to you.

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