Watch Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Call Out Kody’s “Bulls–t”

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The tension between Janelle Brown and Kody Brown has reached a boiling point on Sister Wives.

In E! News’ exclusive sneak peek of the TLC series’ upcoming episode, Janelle addresses Kody’s strained relationship with their six kids—particularly with sons Garrison, 24, and Gabe, 21, who he attempted to kick out of  the house during the COVID-19 pandemic for going against some of the family rules he had put in place.

In a confessional, Janelle takes issue with how “Kody feels like it’s my responsibility to facilitate this relationship between him and my children” despite the fact that “he is a parent as much as I am.”

But when the 54-year-old sits down with her now-ex to have a discussion about their parenting dynamic, words get heated and she eventually calls out Kody, 54, for “always flipping it back on me.”

“That because it belongs on you, Janelle,” Kody retorts, prompting her to question: “Why does it belong on me?” 

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