The Biebers Wore Wildly Different Outfits To Krispy Kreme, But Only 1 Got Dunked On

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One looked fresh out of the oven, while the other looked like day-old pastries.

Justin and Hailey Bieber were photographed Monday wearing hilariously mismatched outfits to a Krispy Kreme in New York City’s Times Square. Hailey truly served in a stunning red dress and heels, while Justin was… also there, in sweats and yellow Crocs.

To be fair, Justin’s fit seemed like perfectly appropriate attire for a typical doughnut run. But Hailey was the one truly dressed for the occasion.

With this knowledge in mind, many people on X, formerly Twitter, felt the two-time Grammy winner’s look was perhaps a bit a-dough-lescent.

There were also some hints of #discourse about the gender and social dynamics suggested by the couple’s offbeat, asymmetrical looks. To gobble up the memes, just scroll down!

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