The Best Initial Necklaces from A to Z—Shop Yours

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Initial necklaces are among the best baubles for personalizing a jewelry look. From delicate chains to bold pendants and glittering diamonds, there are endless options for customizing your neckline. Whether your metal preference is white or yellow gold, silver, or so-modern rose gold, a lovely letter always stands out, no matter if it’s small and delicate or weightier and mixed with heavy chain links and beads. Of course, birthstones, charms, and astrological jewelry make for stylish personalized adornments. Yet there’s nothing quite like a metal-worked or diamond-encrusted “A,” “B,” or “C” to showcase your favorite letter or initials. 

Some of the most popular and easy-to-wear initial necklaces are dainty and often rendered in script, block, or gothic letters. At the same time, baguette stones, glittering pavé, and oversized letters amount to bolder initial jewelry moments. Of course, gemstones, pearls, and enamel touches make for a more striking lettered necklace too. 

When worn alone in all its glory, you’ll glean more of a minimal look from an initial necklace. Or you can take things in a maximalist direction by combining several letters on the same chain or layering several to represent your first and last name, a favorite word, or the initials of loved ones. As a playful homage, why not don a strand with your pet’s name, a favorite mantra, or a nickname? Whatever your preference—and we highly recommend owning an assortment—you can layer all types of initial necklaces beautifully, like with other chains, charms, and pendants. 

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Don’t forget, initial necklaces also make extraordinary gifts any time of year, for birthdays, holidays, or to celebrate special events like a wedding (new last, who this?) or the birth of a baby. 

From affordable jewelry finds to lust-worthy fine designs, scroll on for Vogue’s edit of the very best initial necklaces representing each letter of the alphabet. Plus, a couple of multi-initial styles for serious letter lovers. 

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