The 10 Best Hair Serums for Every Goal

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The best hair serums offer a variety of benefits, but you’ll want to pick one based on your current hair goals. If you want to help promote growth, celebrity hairstylist Laurabeth Cabbot has a bit of advice. “There are several key ingredients that go into hair growth [promoting] products. The main ones being biotin, peppermint, and keratin,” she says. Of the three, biotin is the most common ingredient you’ll see in a formula that’s meant to promote strand growth.

Those with dry hair who need extra hydration may want to go a bit of a different route. “If you’re lacking moisture, look for something with coconut, aloe, or vitamins such as B5,” Cabbot adds. Thinning or fine hair types may want to invest in a thickening serum. These types of serums usually plump the hair follicle to give strands a fuller, more voluminous appearance. Those with thick hair will want to look for something lightweight and hydrating that won’t weigh the hair down while curly, coily, and natural hair types will want formulas that lock in extra hydration since they tend to dry out easier. Take a look at our picks for each below.

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