Stylish Men’s Workout Clothes: 16 Athletic Brands to Help You Crush Your Next Workout

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Remember those New Year’s resolutions you made when January seemed a lifetime away? If you just groaned, it’s probably time to invest in some stylish men’s workout clothes. Not only will a grip of fancy new gear help you stick to those ill-conceived resolutions well into 2023, it’ll help you get some galactic-level fits off in the process—even if you’re sweaty as hell, huffing and puffing like you blew the house down. Those scratchy old band tees and baggy basketball shorts won’t cut it when you’re facing off against your gym nemesis on the elliptical, and as much as we love Swooshes and Stripes around these parts, there’s a whole other world of sleek, performance-minded activewear brands out there for you to explore. Here are 16 cutting-edge athletic labels we love—each a top-notch purveyor of stylish men’s workout clothes—that’ll keep you feeling motivated and ready to move through the new year and beyond.

The Ol’ Reliable Pick: Rhone

Longtime GQ Recommends readers know how we feel about Rhone. Their breathable, odor-fighting tees have held down the top spot on our list of best workout shirts for years now, and we’re such big fans of their thoughtfully-designed shorts that we made them the flagship product of one of our Boxes a few quarters ago.

Layer 1

Rhone Reign tech short sleeve shirt

Layer 2
Layer 3
Rhone Versatility training pant

Rhone Versatility training pant

Who says distance running can’t feel punk rock? Satisfy’s moth-eaten muscle shirts and leopard-print shorts reflect their Parisian founder Brice Partouche’s roots in skateboarding and hardcore.

Layer 4

Satisfy AuraLite long tee

Layer 5

Satisfy CoffeeThermal shorts

Layer 6

Satisfy FliteSilk running cap

Satisfy SoftCell Half Zip

Satisfy SoftCell Half-Zip

The Traditionalist Pick: Tracksmith

Boston-based Tracksmith transplants Chariots of Fire-era aesthetics onto modern marathon-ready gear in a way that feels natural, stylish, and not the least bit kitschy.

Layer 9
Tracksmith Bislett pants

After shaking up the performance eyewear game with their ultramodern Japanese frames, District Vision has turned their attention to apparel. Their latest innovation is a stretchy, lightweight mesh called Air-Wear, with thousands of tiny pores that open and close as you move to regulate your body heat and sweat.

Layer 10

District Vision Junya racer sunglasses

Layer 11

District Vision Spino performance shorts

Layer 12

District Vision Greg fleece jacket

District Vision Theo shell jacket

District Vision Theo shell jacket

Given all the hype and celebrity loyalists, you’d be forgiven for assuming that Outdoor Voices deals in loud, splashy, logo-heavy kits. In truth, they’re so beloved because they specialize in some of the subtlest, lowest-key, most technically sound workout gear around.

Layer 13

Outdoor Voices CloudKnit longsleeve

Layer 14 ART

Outdoor Voices PrimoFleece joggers

Layer 15

Outdoor Voices FrostKnit 7/8 tights

Outdoor Voices SoftShield liner jacket

Outdoor Voices SoftShield liner jacket

The Preposterously Soft Pick: Vuori

If handfeel is your number-one criteria, then Vuori is the move. Its buttery, sumptuous, stretchy sweats make all other pants feel like sandpaper by comparison.

Layer 16
Layer 17

Vuori Cape performance shorts

Layer 18

Vuori Ponto performance crew

Vuori ripstop pants

Need to feel completely free in order to really hit your stride? Ten Thousand’s featherlight Session shorts and Distance tees are built to be as efficient as possible to stay out of your way and your mind.

Layer 19 ART

Ten Thousand sherpa tech vest

Layer 20 001

Ten Thousand C07 track jacket

Layer 20

Ten Thousand Interval short

Ten Thousand Recover crew

Ten Thousand Recover crew

The Sci-Fi Pick: Isaora

With their streamlined silhouettes and advanced tech-y fabrics, Isaora’s precision-engineered clothes sometimes look like they were pilfered off the set of a Denis Villeneuve-directed space opera—in the best way possible. 

Layer 21
Layer 22

Isaora NEO super crew tee

Layer 23

Isaora NEO sweat fermulari pantalon

Isaora NEO super tank

The Adventurist Pick: Veilance

The upscale, forward-thinking wing of Vancouver outdoor label Arc’teryx, Veilance focuses on bridging the gap between the streets and the trail: their parkas and blazers are sharp enough for your everyday life, but they’re built with enough under the hood to survive scaling a mountain. Its simpler stuff, though, is perfect for training at home while fantasizing about being out there.

Layer 24
Layer 25

Reigning Champ is Canadian through and through, focusing on high-quality materials (its French terry is exceptional) and high-functioning performance details. Everything is made and designed in its hometown of Vancouver, and its year-round staples will take you from couch to crunch with comfort and ease.

Layer 27

Reigning Champ 2-in-1 Dot Air mesh shorts

Layer 28

Reigning Champ Coach’s slim-fit tapered Primeflex drawstring trousers

Layer 29

Reigning Champ Deltapeak 90 stretch-jersey t-shirt

Reigning Champ Solotex mesh half zip top

Reigning Champ Solotex mesh half-zip top

The Community-Oriented Pick: Bandit Running 

Bandit Running is only a couple of years old, but it’s already cultivated an ardent group of customers, who flock to the NYC-based brand in droves to snap up its sharp-enough-for-an-early-Zoom half-zips and cozy, subtly-branded sweats. 

Layer 30

Bandit Running Bandit quarter zip

Layer 31

Bandit Running Run Far tee

Layer 32

Bandit Running SoftSpeed cold weather run tight

Bandit Running LiteWave training short

Bandit Running LiteWave training short

The Repentant Raver Pick: Soar Running

If your name is Tim Soar, you’re all but legally obligated to start selling gym clothes. So in 2015, that’s exactly what the London-based designer did, churning out slick, colorblocked running gear designed to help you sweat out the toxins after the club. 

Layer 33

Soar Running three season shorts

Layer 34

Soar Running ultra lightweight gilet

Layer 35

Soar Running ultra jacket

Soar Running paneled vest

Soar Running paneled vest

The Mercifully Austere Pick: Jacques

Most workout gear announces its presence from a mile away. NYC-based Jacques takes the opposite approach, leaning on a roster of crisp neutral tones to make activewear so pristine it’s almost a shame to dirty it in the squat rack. But dirty it you should—especially if you’ve got a closet stuffed with so many subdued designer grails it’d make Lydia Tár blush.

Layer 38

Jacques x Ssense tennis longe sleeve polo

Jacques signature jogger shorts

Jacques signature jogger shorts

The Muscle Beach Pick: Y,IWO

Ever wondered what it would feel like slanging weight at Gold’s in its sweat-soaked heyday? Y,IWO harnesses the endearingly cheesy energy of Pumping Iron-era Schwarzenegger—think retro graphics, bicep-hugging cuts, and bright, saturated colors—to imbue your gym selfies with a healthy jolt of ’70s-era sleaze. It’s about time you tried a crop top anyway. 

Layer 39
Layer 40

Y,IWO printed cotton-jersey t-shirt

Layer 41

Y,IWO tapered cotton-jersey sweatpants

Y%2CIWO half tee cropped printed t shirt

Y,IWO half tee cropped printed t-shirt

All it took for Miler Running to take home a Fitness Award this year was equipping its top-notch shorts with a couple of damn pockets—they’re that good. To absolutely no one’s surprise, the rest of the brand’s murdered-out wares, made in New York out of fabrics sourced from the European capitals of the world, are equally stellar, too.  

Layer 42

Miler Running base running tee

Layer 43

Miler Running base running singlet

Layer 44

Miler Running base running short

Miler Running base running arm sleeves

Miler Running base running arm sleeves

The Sustainably-Minded Pick: Janji

Yes, Janji’s peppy, tasteful workout gear looks great, but it’s the mission behind the garms that really distinguishes them from all the other synthetic gloop on the market. Everything the brand touches, from the materials it sources to the packaging that arrives at your door, puts the environment first, with a particular emphasis on supporting clean water initiatives around the world.

Layer 45
Layer 46

Janji AFO-Vent multi short

Layer 47

Janji Helio tech long sleeve

Janji Stormrunner fleece jacket 2

Janji Stormrunner fleece jacket 2.0

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