Shop Target’s Fall Designer Collection With La Ligne, Sergio Hudson, and Kika Vargas

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Kika Vargas’s approach to design might be a little more look-at-me than La Ligne’s, with colorful hand-drawn prints featured on the standout dresses from the collection (there’s also a great purse that resembles a winter puffer jacket). But she also believes the clothes in her collection are perfect for a grand event or a coffee run.  “I want them to wear it throughout the day,” she says. 

For Vargas, who is primarily based in Colombia, working with Target meant the chance to lean into greater size inclusivity. “We don’t necessarily get to work that often with the bigger sizes,” she says, “so it was really nice to be able to focus on inclusivity, to go from an XX-small up to a 4X.” 

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Kika Vargas x Target scallop edge wrap top

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Kika Vargas x Target textured puff-sleeve mini dress

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Kika Vargas x Target floral tiered ruffle edge puff-sleeve midi dress

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Kika Vargas x Target scallop edge trench coat

But are there any targets in Columbia? “No,” she answers with a laugh. Nonetheless, designing for the powerhouse company was a cherished and nostalgic experience. Vargas spent much of her childhood growing up in America. “I grew up in Target,” she says. “I’ve always admired it because it’s a family store—I love going with my children, with my mom.” 

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The most remarkable part of the showcase: Watching the designers fan out over each other’s collections. “The Ligne stuff is so gender-neutral and has some great oversized pieces,” Hudson says, recommending a closer look at their clothes. “I already got some of the sweaters.” So it’s official: These are designer’s designer collections. 

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