Morgan Riddle Is The Most Famous Woman In Men’s Tennis

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“The only time I really get nervous is when I see him getting nervous,” Ms. Riddle said. She knows his tells, like looking at his nails or fiddling with his racket strings. He doesn’t often smash rackets — a stereotype of frustrated players — but when he does, he’ll break them over his knee. The first time Ms. Riddle saw it happen, “I was like, ‘This guy is psycho.’”

Tournaments can be chic; sometimes there are champagne tents and Ralph Lauren-decorated suites and celebrities sitting courtside. During the U.S. Open, Mr. Fritz and Ms. Riddle stay at the posh, wellness-oriented Equinox Hotel New York — he has a partnership with the hotel — and take a Blade helicopter to the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens.

But sometimes they are indescribably boring. On Mr. Fritz’s final day in Toronto, Ms. Riddle and I spent a full hour watching a court be dried, inch by inch, by vacuum-like machines after a rainstorm. The day before, we had gotten sunburns. Now it was windy and chilly, and Ms. Riddle texted Mr. Fritz, who was waiting out the delay in the locker room, to ask to borrow a jacket. She hoped it wasn’t ugly, she said.

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“Welcome to the glamorous life of being a WAG.”

At one point during the delay, Ms. Riddle considered greeting Alex de Minaur as he quickly passed by but decided against it. Mr. de Minaur, the top-ranked Australian player in the world, was playing Mr. Fritz later that day — a match Mr. de Minaur would win. I thought of this moment later, when a couple of tournament regulars described tennis WAGs to me as “political wives,” diplomatically representing their partners around the grounds.

But Ms. Riddle had become a kind of ambassador for the sport, too. Her behind-the-scenes explainer content is a gateway drug for some people, like Jaiden McDonald, the young woman who approached Ms. Riddle with her mother in the grandstand. Within a few months of seeing Mr. Fritz and Ms. Riddle for the first time, she went from ambivalence toward tennis to making a PowerPoint presentation of her U.S. Open predictions. She watches Ms. Riddle’s YouTube videos every single week.

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