Judge in Nike Lawsuit Tells StockX to Share Counterfeit Sellers’ Data – Sourcing Journal

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A judge in Nike‘s lawsuit against StockX has ordered the defendant to reveal information about users who sold counterfeit sneakers through the resale platform.

The latest development in the case comes as Nike has focused on a buyer who received “at least” 38 pairs of sneakers that the sportswear giant confirmed as counterfeit. Earlier this year, another judge ordered StockX to divulge information on how it handled the authentication process for the sneakers at-hand.

On Aug. 11, U.S. Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn ordered StockX to produce additional information on the sellers behind the same sneakers. Specifically, Nike wants to know how many sales these sellers have completed — which could indicate the standards and level of scrutiny StockX applied in facilitating their sales.

Footwear News has reached out to both Nike and StockX for comment and will update if a response is given.

Nike’s case against StockX originated in early 2022 with accusations that the resale platform used logos and products trademarked by Nike to sell NFTs. The case then expanded later that year with claims alleging StockX has willingly sold counterfeit products and misrepresented its authentication services.

The counterfeit component of the lawsuit centers upon Roy Kim, a reseller and StockX user who’d been in contact with Nike. The sportswear giant confirmed 38 pairs of Air Jordan 1s sold to Kim in spring 2022 were counterfeit. Continued examination of the transactions have now seen Nike’s motions granted for more information on both the sellers behind the sneakers and the process in which StockX approved the products for a sale to be completed.

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Because authenticity is paramount in the secondary resale market, even minute developments have created intrigue among sneakerheads who want to know more about how the sausage is made. Although the lawsuit is still ongoing, it could have broad implications on StockX’s standing and the security of the resale industry as a whole. A trial has yet to commence, but the judge’s filing did indicate that the pre-trial expert discovery deadline is set for Sept. 7.

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