If You’re Justin Bieber, a $30 Hoodie Is the Perfect Date Night Fit

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Justin Bieber likes to keep it cozy. More often than not, the Biebz sticks to a rotating ensemble of sweats, rarely deviating from his tried-and-true fashion formula. Every now and then, of course, Bieber likes to flex his menswear chops in a droopy designer blazer or a cocooning leather jacket. Mostly, though, his day-to-day outfits are far more predictable—and, luckily for us, far more accessible.

Yesterday afternoon, sightings of Bieber at his coziest were at a record high, as he whizzed around lower Manhattan on a Citi Bike wearing one of his patented slouchy fits. Pink trucker hat, hoodie zipped to the navel, gray sweat shorts, scrunched-up crew socks, sunshine-yellow Crocs? Hail, hail, the gang’s all here!

From the way he was dressed, you’d think Bieber was on a bacon-egg-and-cheese run to the closest bodega, and not, in fact, on a date with his wife, who tagged along to Bar Pitti in a strawberry-red Vivienne Westwood dress and matching heels. Nahmias trucker hat and Balenciaga sweats aside, the rest of Bieber’s look is fairly standard stuff. (Yes, uber-relaxed sweat shorts and don’t-bother-me-Crocs are standard.) But what really caught our eye is his hoodie, a discreet zip-up number from Champion, the first name in affordable all-American sportswear.

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By now, Bieber’s closet is host to a collection of hoodies that any fashion fiend—or hardboiled vintage lover—would be proud to call their own; he can buy any hoodie in the world, and he still favors the classics. His Champion hoodie is well-made, well-fitting, and could go toe-to-toe with most of its luxury counterparts. Champion has been making ’em that way for over a century—is it any surprise they still set the standard?

Justin Bieber’s exact hoodie retails for just under $30, but it’s surprisingly difficult to find at major retailers, another testament to his obscure tastes. Mercifully, a grip of near-identical versions are available at Amazon. Buy a couple now and they’ll be at your front door before your next dinner date.

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