How to Pack for Warm Weather Winter Vacations

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So you’ve decided to flee the chilly temperatures and head to sunnier horizons for the holidays? Good for you (she says with just a hint of jealousy). Whether you’re heading to St. Barths, Mexico, Miami, or Australia, you’ll need to mentally switch gears from your current location and pack for the complete opposite weather. This can be surprisingly difficult to do, after all it’s hard to remember what it feels like to be in a swimsuit when you’re currently trekking to work in the snow. 

Well that’s where we come in—after spending countless hours interviewing experts and putting together travel stories, we here at Who What Wear know how to pack for warm-weather destinations. For tropical getaways, it’s easiest to streamline your packing into the four main categories you’ll be wearing: dresses, swimsuits, cover-ups, and accessories. Sure you’ll also need the standard pajamas, underwear, etc., but these four categories are the bulk of what you’ll be wearing on your trip. So to help you put your packing list together, below I’m highlighting the chicest options for each category that 100% deserve a spot in your suitcase. 

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