Hidden Shapes Braids in 2023

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Over the last few years, we’ve been lucky enough to have some of the hair industry’s best and brightest stop by The Braid Up and show off their epic skills. From micros and locs to buns and ponytails, if it’s a protective style, these braiders have it on lock. That’s why we decided to up the stakes with some friendly competition. Yes, this is the ~world premiere~ of our Battle of the Braids series, where we invite two top-tier stylists to duel it out braiding the same look.

In today’s episode, with two hours on the clock, we tasked Washington DC-based stylist Camille Crowns and Texas-based stylist Lotasha Star with a stitch braiding style that’s all the rage right now: hidden shapes. Their final looks were judged by the one and only queen of stitch braiding Stasha Harris, and the competition was no straight shot. Stasha made sure to throw in a curveball to keep these stylists on their toes. Watch the full episode to see which braider came out on top.

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Are you feeling the looks featured in today’s battle? Here are some tips to keep in mind if you decide to give them a try for yourself.

1. Edge control isn’t just for baby hairs. Braided shapes require next-level parting precision, and while a metal rat tail comb will def assist, applying edge control product (like one of the top-rated options below) in between your parts will really give you that extra definition.

This Smoothing Edge Control Paste

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Go Sleek Hair Edge Paste
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This Non-Greasy Edge Control Gel

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This Long-Lasting Edge Control Gel

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This Edge Control Gel for Braiders

Shine ’n Jam Magic Fingers for Braiders
Shine ’n Jam Magic Fingers for Braiders
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2. Pay attention to your scalp. Stitch braids can be a bit tense on the scalp, so make it a point to massage a nourishing oil or hair serum into your scalp to minimize discomfort and prevent any flaking or dryness.

3. Make mousse a part of your routine. Smooth a few pumps of mousse over your braids before you go to sleep. When you wake up, you’ll be greeted by braids that look brand freaking new. You’re welcome.

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4. Bonnets are your BFF. As you rest oh-so-peacefully, hair friction and fuzzing should be the last of your worries. That’s why you *need* to be using a silk bonnet to protect your style while you snooze.

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Hosted by Stasha Harris
Featured Braiders Camille Crowns and Lotasha Star
Makeup Ashley Johnson
Models: Tyrah Monique and Tiffany Hendricks
Series Development & Director: Tara O’Connell
Director of Photography & Post Supervisor: Robert Mroczko
Videographer: Alex Scully
Assistant Camera: Jay Aguirre
Writer/Associate Producer: Valis Vicenty
Editor: Cynthia Carranza
Assistant Editor: Dan Marques
Graphic Design: Josh Walker
Design Director: Gigi Pena
Casting Director: Sabrina Safran
Line Producer: Pamela Kirkland
Executive Director: Jason Ikeler
Special Thanks to Magic Fingers Institute

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