G Flip and Chrishell Stause Met While Dating Other People

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If you’ve been following Chrishell Stause and G Flip’s whirlwind romance, then you know the official origin story involves the now-couple’s work together on the set of the steamy “GET ME OUTTA HERE” music video. Apparently, that’s not actually where the pair met though.

In a new interview with Janine Rubenstein for the PEOPLE Every Day podcast, G Flip (who is non-binary) opened t0ld the real story of how they and Chrishell met—back when they were both still with their ex-partners (please take a moment now to take a seat/compose yourself/pop some popcorn/whatever feels right).


“We met last year at Halloween,” G Flip explained on the podcast. “We were both with our ex-partners then….And then, we obviously separated from our partners, and we just started talking and stuff. We just found a lot of similarities, even though people would think we are from like different corners of the world. We find ourselves so similar sometimes.”

Having that foundation came in handy when it came time to make out on camera for those 🔥🔥🔥🔥 scenes in the “GET ME OUTTA HERE” video.

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“And then it was really easy and fun on the film [set], you know, fun and breezy and easy. So it was great to make that clip,” G Flip added. “We watched it so many times before we actually put it out. We went through so many edits of it, but it’s cool. It’s out in the world now.”

Chrishell cited the music video as kicking off her and G Flip’s romance when she confirmed the new relationship during the Selling Sunset reunion special on Netflix earlier this month:

“I recently have been spending a lot of time with someone that’s very important to me, their name is G Flip. They’re non-binary so they go by they/them. And they are an extremely talented musician. And it started because, you know, I was just going to be in their video. It’s about this chaotic love story. And, you know, I come from soaps, I love acting, and with the job that we have I don’t always get to do it. And so, at first of course I was like ‘yes, let’s do that.'”

If you would like to see Chrishell and G Flip’s off-the-charts chemistry in action, you can watch the “GET ME OUTTA HERE” video on repeat below:

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