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Trail running shoe brand BOA has released the results of a footwear study showing that its unique fit system delivers better performance than traditional laces.

BOA’s PerformFit Wrap improved an athlete’s speed and endurance by 1.5 percent with the same level of exertion compared to a standard running shoe, the group’s Performance Fit Lab found after conducting more than 2,000 scientific tests since 2018. The proprietary lace-replacement technology, which allows users to twist a dial to achieve their desired fit, reduced ankle rotation velocity by up to 7 percent, giving wearers greater stability and consistency throughout their runs on varied terrain.

The peer-reviewed trials examined the performance of both lace trail shoe closures and BOA’s PerformFit Wrap, and found that the BOA system promoted more efficient energy transfer, improving connection to the midsole and enhancing heel hold by up to 3 percent. Runners changed direction with 9 percent greater ease, accelerating and decelerating more rapidly and efficiently.

“The findings from our most recent white paper further reinforce the significant benefits of integrating BOA, particularly the BOA PerformFit Wrap configuration, in high-performance trail shoes,” BOA senior director of partner product innovation and development said. The findings show that the system could translate to “other performance products across a range of activities, including court sports, road running, training, hiking, snow sports, and workwear.”

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“Our objective is to collaborate with our brand partners and elite athletes to combine rigorous scientific testing, innovative product design, and robust development support, aiming to create highly successful, high-performance products that seamlessly integrate the BOA Fit System,” he added.

Trail runners can use multiple dials to elevate the benefits of the system, allowing for micro-adjustments to multiple zones across a shoe’s upper. Doing so provides a more tailored fit to each athlete’s foot, and also allows them to create more space in the toe box during longer distance runs, for example.

Dylan Bowman, a BOA athlete and professional Ultra runner, said the feature has become a “non-negotiable,” noting that he “wouldn’t help design or run an ultra in a trail shoe without it.”

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