7 Best Birkenstocks for Men – Different Shoe Styles For 2023

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Have you noticed? Everyone’s rocking Birkenstocks right now. From fashionistas to ordinary office folk, they’ve found their way onto the feet of men of all sartorial preferences. I’m calling it the biggest comeback since Take That.

But when you think about it, the iconic sandal’s resurgence should be anything but surprising. The best Birkenstocks for men are stylish, comfy, and look great with everything from shorts and tank tops to khakis and Oxford shirts. Plus, they’re a pretty awesome footwear option to wear around the house.

To help you determine which ones you should be investing in, I’ve pulled together seven of the key styles that’ll soon become a mainstay in your everyday rotation. Whether you’re looking for a new summer shoe or something to slip on for the weekend, keep reading to find your perfect match.

Key Takeaways

You may be looking for your first pair of Birkenstocks. Or simply need a new pair. Whatever category you fall into, I’ve got your covered.

I’ve done the poring over sites and reviews for you. Taking style, comfort, and price into consideration, I’m introducing the very best Birkenstocks for men. From the Boston clogs to Arizona sandals, these are the coolest designs that’ll keep you and your feet happy.

wearing a pair of suede boston clogs by birkenstock
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Birkenstock Suede Boston Clogs

Why it’s great: One of the most sought-after styles of this year, the Boston is a seriously stylish clog that can be worn year-round with just about anything. Not only easy on the eye, they’re super comfy thanks to the cushioned footbed, suede lining, and EVA sole. Imagine your favorite pair of slippers but a helluva lot cooler.

How to wear them: The open-backed clog (or mule, if you’d prefer) is the perfect mixture of the smartness of shoes and the comfort of sandals. They’re versatile enough to wear with the majority of your wardrobe, but my favorite pairing consists of a ribbed tank top, striped Oxford shirt, dad jeans, and socks.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: If you’ve not already noticed, the Boston is big news right now. Which means these clogs sell super fast. You’ll need to be quick to grab a pair.

Sizes Available: 6-17.5 | Colors Available: 4 | Material: Suede

Birkenstock Barbados Slides

Why it’s great: Birkenstock isn’t all about sandals, they offer some budget-friendly slides too. Ideal for your warm-weather escapades, this pair features the brand’s famous footbed that supports health and promotes wellbeing. With toe grip, arch support, and deep molding, your feet are sure to feel as good as they look.

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How to wear them: Take them to the beach with your swim shorts and sunnies or rock them at the weekend with rolled up jeans and a polo. For the more fashion-forward fellas, pop on some socks with relaxed sweatpants and an oversized tee.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: These are designed for regular to wide feet, but some wearers may find sliders slightly more restrictive than sandals (especially if you have bunions).

Sizes Available: 6-13.5 | Colors Available: 11 | Material: EVA

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

Why it’s great: Once you’ve tried the Arizona, you’ll likely never look at another flip-flop again. The iconic design has been around since 1973 and it’s pretty clear why. Complete with a contoured cork-latex footbed, the feet-friendly option allows your body weight to be distributed evenly to provide unrivaled comfort and support for feet of all widths. It helps that they look pretty cool, too.

How to wear them: Roll up your denim and wear yours with a crew neck T-shirt and flannel shirt. For something more summer-appropriate, try some Bermuda shorts and a tank top.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: There’s always going to be that one friend who calls them Jesus sandals. But really, what does he know?

Sizes Available: 6-13.5 | Colors Available: 10+ | Material: Synthetic Leather

Birkenstock Bend Sneakers

Why it’s great: If you thought Birkenstock only dealt with summer sandals, you’re wrong. The Bend sneakers are a killer pair of kicks that slowly shape to your feet to give you all-day support and the kind of comfort you get from the Arizona or Boston.

How to wear them: The world is your oyster. Whether you wear them at the weekend or for casual days in the office, they look particularly great with jeans or cargo pants and a crew neck sweater.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The cut is quite wide (although they do offer a slimmer option), so you may find they feel a little loose if you have particularly narrow feet. Nothing a pair of extra socks won’t fix, mind.

Sizes Available: 6-13.5 | Colors Available: 6 | Material: Leather

Birkenstock Kyoto Sandals

Why it’s great: One for the gram, the Kyoto features a classy envelope design that’s fastened with an adjustable hook and loop closure. As you’d expect, it’s equipped with the Birkenstock footbed, for a slipper-like-feel that guarantees all-day comfort.

How to wear them: Whether you wear them with socks and khakis or shorts and a vest top, they’re a stylish option for pretty much any smart-casual occasion. Make sure you don’t forget to pack them for your next city break or tropical getaway.

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Flaws but not dealbreakers: It’s hard to find any faults with the Kyoto, but you could argue they’re slightly less versatile than some of Birkenstock’s other classic designs.

Sizes Available: 6-13.5 | Colors Available: 2 | Material: Suede

Birkenstock London Shoes

Why it’s great: The London is one of the first closed-toe styles introduced by the brand. A stylish and comfortable choice for every day, it comes with the legendary footbed (of course) and a soft suede upper that puts it firmly into the smart-casual category.

How to wear them: The styling opportunities are endless, but just like canvas shoes, I find them best suited to the warmer months. Keep it casual with shorts and a crew neck T-shirt or dress them up slightly with jeans and a button-down Oxford (socks are optional).

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The suede won’t have any problems facing up to bad weather but they’re not waterproof. You’re not going to want to wear this particular style during rainy seasons.

Sizes Available: 6-17.5 | Colors Available: 2 | Material: Suede

Birkenstock Honnef Boots

Why it’s great: A versatile ankle boot with impressive grip, the Honnef is fitted with the brand’s Deep Blue footbed—featuring a moisture-wicking microfiber liner, plus cork and jute layers that provide maximum arch support. There’s also a PU base for added shock absorption and synthetic wool lining that controls temperature. They’ll be your go-to whether you’re walking the city or exploring the great outdoors.

How to wear them: They’ll look just as good with your hiking gear as they will with slim-fitting jeans and a flannel shirt at the weekend. My favorite pairing is with cargo pants and a plain white tee.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: I won’t lie, I’m struggling here. If I’m being extra picky, I’d say they’re probably a little too casual to dress up.

Sizes Available: 6-13.5 | Colors Available: 3 | Material: Oiled Leather

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Buying Considerations for The Best Birkenstocks For Men


The best Birkenstocks are known for their contoured footbed that offers excellent support and comfort. To get the most out of this, it’s crucial to choose the right size. The footbed should match the length and width of your foot without any overhang. Make sure you have the right measurements for your feet and go with the larger measurement if they differ slightly. Birkenstocks come in regular and narrow widths, so choose the one that best corresponds to the shape and size of your foot.


Birkenstock offers a variety of different types of shoes. Consider your lifestyle and how you plan to wear your new footwear. Do you want something super casual? Or slightly more dressy? Additionally, think about whether you want open-toe sandals or closed-toe options for better protection.

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The material of your Birkenstocks can determine not only comfort but durability and convenience too. You’ll find the best Birkenstocks in a variety of materials. These include leather and synthetic materials. Leather Birkenstocks are known for being long-lasting and soft, while synthetic options are often easier to clean. Consider the material that suits your preferences and intended use.

Why You Should Trust Us

Being an experienced fashion writer has prepared me for the very task of honing down the best Birks for men.

On top of that, having owned various pairs of Birkenstocks in my time, I’ve built up an excellent understanding of which ones are worth adding to your wardrobe. For those that I haven’t experienced firsthand, I’ve done my research and sought help from hundreds of reviews to make sure I only share with you the best Birkenstocks for men.

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Final Verdict

You’re now one step closer to finding the best Birkenstocks for men. Whether strolling along the beach, exploring the city, or simply unwinding at home, the right pair of Birkenstocks will become a companion that not only elevates your style but provides unmatched comfort and foot health.

If you’re not sure where to start, I suggest the Boston clogs. A highly popular design loved for its style, versatility, and comfort, they’ll soon be your go-to for casual weekends, summer trips, and everything in between.


    • Birkenstock sandals are known for their excellent arch support and comfortable footbeds. If you’re looking for Birkenstocks with the most support, you’ll want to consider models that feature their signature contoured cork-latex footbed, as this is where the primary support comes from. These include the Arizona and Boston.

      • Absolutely. Birkenstocks are unisex footwear, and they are designed to provide comfort and support to people of all genders. In fact, Birkenstock offers a wide range of styles and colors that cater to diverse tastes and preferences, making them suitable for everyone.

        • Birkenstock sandals can be a good choice for men who walk a lot. They are known for their contoured cork-latex footbed, which provides arch support and cushioning. This can be beneficial for people who are on their feet for extended periods. However, for hikes or running, I highly recommend getting a pair of proper walking shoes or sneakers.

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