6 Looks That Prove Bruna Marquezine Is Our Next It Girl

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Can you talk a little about working with your great styling team?

I’ve worked with Rita Lazzarotti for a long time, and we still work together, but she is the Vogue Brasil director, and she had a baby, the most beautiful kid I’ve ever seen. So I started working with Pedro [Sales], who I’ve always admired. He’s worked with some of my friends back home, and he has a great relationship with Rita as well. I have a beautiful history with Rita. I feel like she’s been with me through a lot of different moments in my life, career, and fashion journey. So we have a history. I call her my fairy godmother.

Pedro, he’s a great addition to the team. I just love the fact that he respects who I am, and he’s not someone who is trying to change my image or be like, “This is Bruna by me.” So I love this about the way he works. He knows my style, and he’s helping me see other options that are maybe not as obvious. Now, we have this other person on the team, Dani Michelle. We are really excited. She’s also someone I have admired for so long. It’s impressive what she does. She is able to pull the best looks. For someone who I’ve only been working with for a couple of months, she just gets me. It shows how good she is at what she does—she’s able to get me, get my style, and also incorporate something new and help me find new versions of myself. I’m really excited for what we’re going to do next.

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With this fantastic team around you, what are some of the looks you’ve collaborated on that really stand out in your memory? 

I’m going to google myself because literally I can only memorize lines and lyrics. I think the last one we did, me and Dani, was one I really loved. I went to the Variety Power of Young Hollywood event, and we were so sure about this other Givenchy dress that we had been waiting for the right moment to wear. But for some reason, I kept looking at the pictures, and I was like, “Dani, don’t kill me, but I think we should go with the other one.” For me, it’s really about feeling comfortable because then you own it. If it’s something that is uncomfortable or I need to think about something like “I need to pose a certain way so it looks good,” then it’s dead for me. This last look that we did together, I really loved it, and I was feeling so comfortable and like myself.

Oh, I loved the blue [Marni] look that me and Pedro did together, this all-blue velvet suit. That was so nice. When we were trying it on, it just felt like everything was perfect. This suit is perfect for the shirt that is perfect for the necklace, and it’s so nice when that happens, this magical little moment. I hosted this award show for MTV in Brazil during the pandemic, which was really hard. After many months inside wearing pajamas, we wanted to have fun and go big, and Rita did a wonderful job. It’s one of my favorite fashion-related moments. There was this Ashi Studio look. It was a black dress. I was just so in love.

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