17 Talk Show Hosts Revealed Their Worst Guests

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He told the New Yorker, ” It was out of the blue. It was astonishing. I could not believe it, while it was happening… I had a mixed feeling as it was happening. I knew it would be entertaining in a certain way involving the word ‘horror.’ And that it would be talked about. And that it might be fun. But it’s hard to deal with three people. When one person is being an ass, you can pretty much deal with him, or I can — and people who do what I do better be able to — but with three, the focus was so diffuse. I had no idea how long it was gonna go on, whether it was ever gonna stop. If they were ever gonna snap out of it. Most people felt sorry for me, which kind of embarrasses me, because I remember sitting there thinking, I don’t want to come off as the victim of this. The sad thing…is I could see the faces in the audience. And they were delighted, at first, and then the smiles disappeared. And then they looked just sort of grim and horrified and disapproving.”

He also added that, after the interview, a producer grabbed the three guests and told them, “I really have to congratulate you. You probably unsold more tickets to this movie than most movies get.”

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The trio later admitted that they’d been drinking before the interview.

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