17 Boots on Sale to Anchor All Your Biggest Fits Yet

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If you’ve been holding off on buying a pair of winterized shoes, waiting for some sort of sartorial sign, here it is: there’s a grip of stellar boots on sale right now. (How many boots are in a grip? We don’t know, but it’s, like, a lot of boots.) That’s great news because you should probably have not one, but a few pairs to keep you sorted through a variety of situations. Your meet-the-parents boots, your everyday-kick-around boots, your blizzard-proof boots, your freaky avant-garde boots—no matter the context, there’s a boot out there that aligns with your size and budget. The joy of this job is that we get to window shop all day long—sometimes, we even buy stuff!—but the bittersweet part is that we can’t gatekeep all the great deals we find. So, with a conflicted heart, here are 17 of our favorite boots on sale right now.

Oh, and if you haven’t a clue where to begin your boot journey, don’t worry—we’ve got a whooooole video dedicated to the topic. Feel free to follow along as you watch and parse through all the actual boots discussed, sing-along style.

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