15 Small Bathroom Vanities – Most Compact Bathroom Vanity Sets

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Bathroom vanities aren’t cheap, so before you click that “add to cart” button, here are a few things to keep mind as you shop:

Measure your space

Not to state the obvious, but if you’re working with limited space, then you’ll need to make sure any vanity you choose is slim enough to fit into that space while still giving you room to navigate your bathroom. Look at all of the measurements (including when the drawers or doors are fully opened) and make sure your lil powder room can handle the vanity you select.

Consider the storage

You want a vanity that looks cute, ofc, but you also want it to be practical. Bathroom vanities often feature cut-outs to accommodate pipes, so read the descriptions to see how much storage space you’re actually getting out of your vanity, making note of any decorative false drawers or drawers that are cut into a U-shape to make room for plumbing.

Think of the additional costs

Sure, you’ll find small vanities out there that cost as little as a few hundred dollars, but remember that the expense doesn’t end there. You’ll also need to get a compatible faucet, a p-trap, and possibly a mounting bracket and backsplash, depending on what your vanity includes. And let’s not forget the installation costs…unless you want to attempt the install yourself (which we def don’t recommend). The price of the vanity itself will depend on the quality of materials you choose for the counter top, hardware, and wood finishes, so while a quality piece is always a good idea, you should budget for the additional costs involved as well.

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