14 Best T-Shirt Bras of 2022

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Not sure what qualifies as a T-shirt bra? As the name implies, it’s pretty much any bra that looks smooth and seamless under a tee. “A T-shirt bra is usually a lightly padded or lined bra that has a smooth cup with no trims or seams,” says LIVELY creative director Sarah Sullivan. “Traditionally, the coverage would be on the fuller side but there are different types out there now, from balconette, to demi, to full. Also, it can have a wire or be wireless.” When you’re on the hunt for the perfect T-shirt bra, here are few things to keep in mind.

Find the right fit

Though it may seem obvious, finding the right fitting bra is especially important when it comes to T-shirt bras. “Above all else, I think a great T-Shirt bra, like all bras, should fit you properly,” Sullivan explains. “It should provide you the right support, coverage, and be comfortable all day long.” Gaping cups, slipping straps, and too-tight bands will all prevent your bra from looking totally seamless under your shirt—not to mention that an ill-fitting bra is gonna feel *super* uncomfortable. “You shouldn’t see the neckline cutting into you or notice anything but a nice shape,” Sullivan adds.

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Choose long-lasting materials

You get what you pay for, and while high-quality bras can be pretty $$$, they’re well worth the investment. As Sullivan points out, “A bra may be great at first but lose support or comfort after a little wear.” Cotton and microfiber bras are best for everyday wear, while nylon and spandex are also great options if you’re looking for something stretchy but super-durable. And ofc, you’ll wanna avoid thicker or textured fabrics that’ll show under your clothes.

Avoid unnecessary decorations

Ya, frills and lace are fun, but they won’t seem so cute when you can see ’em sticking out through your tee. When it comes to T-shirt bras, basic is better—think seamless, molded cups with little to no extra detailing, like darts, ribbons, or bows. “When I think of a T-shirt bra, I think of your workhorse bra, one that you go to when you need a reliable, comfortable bra for everyday wear,” Sullivan says. “But don’t sacrifice style; this bra should work hard, but it should also look and make you feel good!” Basic doesn’t have to mean boring, and these bras prove it.

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