14 Best Makeup Vanities with Storage 2022 — Cute Makeup Vanity Tables and Desks

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best makeup vanity with storage


TBH, doing makeup while standing (!) at a bathroom counter (!!) under that harsh, fluorescent light (!!!) is certainly not the vibe. Wouldn’t it be so much better to sit down and apply your products (without them falling into a sink) at a pretty makeup vanity in your room? But, if you’ve accumulated tons of lipsticks, mascaras, and eyeshadow palettes over the years, any ol’ table-and-chair situation is not going to suffice. No, you’re gonna need a vanity with lots of storage to hold all your precious beauty ~tings~.

So, we searched the internet far and wide to bring you the best makeup vanities with storage that’ll fit any decor aesthetic. Whether you’re a minimalist, an ultra-glam babe, or a mid-century enthusiast, there’s something here that’ll definitely work for you and your space. Check out a few of our favorites now.

Our top picks for the best makeup vanities with storage of 2022

Below, find 14 super pretty makeup vanities with ample storage that will quite literally hold allllll the things.

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This floating one

PB Teen

Slim Get-Ready Beauty Station


this one with a touch screen mirror


Vanity Set with Touch Screen Dimming Mirror


This one that holds a ton


Makeup Vanity Set


This traditional one


Vanity Makeup Set with 7 Drawers


This gorgeous stone shade

West Elm

Mid-Century Vanity Desk Set


this clean and simple option


Makeup Dressing Table with Round Mirror


This industrial-style one


Greige Makeup Vanity Table with Upholstered Stool Set


this one with a flip-top mirror

All Modern

Makayla Vanity Set with Stool and Mirror


this one with gilded details

Pottery Barn Teen

Blaire Classic Vanity Desk Set


this simple one


HEMNES Dressing Table with Mirror


this gorge dresser

Edloe Finch

Lyra 4-Drawer Dresser


this compact one


BRIMNES Dressing Table


this gold mirror


Teardrop Gold Mirror

How to choose a makeup vanity for you

There are tonsssss of makeup vanities out there to choose from and if I were you, I would wanna make sure I’ve seen a good amount of them before picking The One. But if you’re still trying to figure out what would make the perfect vanity for you, here are some specs you’d wanna know about before buying.

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Consider the storage options

If you have a lot of crap, then you’re probs going to need more than one or two drawers to hold everything. And, obvi, the roomier those drawers are, the better. It’s the little things, people!

There are also some vanities that have built-in organizers on top of the actual table, and if you’re down for all the storage space you can get, I’d look into finding one that has this specific feature. With it, you can have your daily makeup products and brushes at just an arm’s length away.

Consider the mirror and lighting situation

Some people must have great lighting when doing their makeup (hi, it me). And if this is something that’s really important to you, then you should shop for one that comes with lights attached to the mirror. You can even get one that’s touch-screen activated. I mean, welcome to 2022, baby—am I right??

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