11 Best Sex Toy Storage Solutions of 2023 for Stashing Your X-Rated Goodies

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Marie likes to carry simple drawstring bags for traveling with and storing sex toys. “They provide privacy, keep toys clean, and are easy to use and maintain,” she explains. These microfiber ones are big enough to store larger toys, or one vibrator plus an accessory like a charging cord, and can be ordered in different sizes depending on what you’re looking to carry. 

Pros: Comes in multiple sizes; discreet exterior
Cons: Not secure/lockable

The Best Traveling Pouch for Sex Toys: Dame Stash Bag

Materials: Cotton 
Size: 9 x 5 x 3 inches

You don’t really need to buy a specific type of bag to transport your sex toys necessarily, but if you’re looking for something attractive that could otherwise pass as a Dopp kit or toiletry bag, sex toy brand Dame stocks one in a handsome tie-dye print. “Carrying around a big purse is less conspicuous than toting a suitcase or box,” Cy points out. This bag has plenty of pockets (including zippered ones) for slipping in condoms or accessories along with your toys, and the stain-resistant inner liner will ensure that one errant lube spill doesn’t completely ruin it.

Pros: Stylish tie-dye exterior; stain-resistant liner; large enough to store a multitude of toys and accessories; interior organization for storing different types of accessories; carrying handle
Cons: Not lockable

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The Best Lockable Case for Sex Toys: Lovehoney 


Lockable Sex Toy Case Large

Materials: Plastic
Size: 14.0 x 7.5 x 2.8 inches

If you prefer something lockable for packing up into your carry-on or stashing in your nightstand, Cooper recommends the Lovehoney lockable sex toy case. It’s roomy enough to store multiple sex toys in it, including a Magic Wand or other large wand vibrator, Cooper notes. Plus, with its lockable design and antibacterial lining, it’s pretty much the perfect vessel for sealing away your sex toys, whether you’re taking them on vacation or packing them away amongst your things at home.

Pros: Lockable (padlock included); large enough to store wands and other big toys; lined with antibacterial material; mesh pocket inside for accessories like chargers and lube
Cons: May be too large for some travel purposes; too slim to store bulkier toys; no handle

The Best Lockable Toolkit for Storing Sex Toys: Trusco Toolbox

Materials: Steel
Size: ‎13.5 x 6.25 x 7.25 inches

“If you care about hiding sex toys, consider a broad, shallow, lockable toolbox for keeping under your bed,” Cy says. They’re durable and generally affordable, plus very discreet. If anyone sees it, they’ll probably assume it contains actual tools, and not, you know, a pile of vibrators. You can find a range of affordable toolboxes at hardware stores and online, but we like this Japanese one that boasts a durable steel design and a splashy exterior. It’s lockable (sadly you’ll have to buy the lock separately) and includes numerous smaller compartments in the two wings of the box, plus a larger compartment within for organizing your toys, lubes, condoms, and beyond. 

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